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Carpento 310: a big little one

Carpento 310: a big little one

The Carpento 310 caravan was recently introduced in the Netherlands. Part of a trio of models whose sloping roofline is particularly eye-catching. In particular, the smallest one, which is 310 cm long, seems to be little more than a bed on wheels. But appearances are quite deceiving. With a short drive and stay at the Oude Maas recreation park, the Carpento shows and experiences that it is a full-fledged holiday accommodation, while the featherweight on your towbar is barely noticeable.

carpento 310

The Carpento may be new to the Netherlands, but the model has been in production for 7 years. This takes place in Turkey through a factory that has been around for 30 years. So new, but not a newcomer. You will notice this in the build quality and the extremely smart layout.

The Outside

Taking a spot inconspicuously at a campsite is not possible with a Carpento. The design is too pronounced for that. The kink in the roof, a double panoramic window and a taupe color scheme that did not exist before make it an appearance that arouses curiosity. The structure consists of a smooth polyester plating. Both inside and outside with a layer of insulation foam in between. The demo models have stickers that you have to love. But without or in other colors is also possible. In addition to hail resistance, polyester has another advantage: the gel coat with which it is finished can also be supplied in various colors. Up to black, but it is doubtful whether that is a good idea for a caravan in the sun. The caravan comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and a 7-year waterproofness warranty.

carpento 310

The chassis, coupling and axle are from Al-Ko, so driving the Carpento does not present any surprises, unless the fuel bill is better due to a better CW value. The two larger models also have an anti-sway clutch. This is really not necessary for the small 310. At the front, two panoramic windows have been placed in window seals. These cannot be opened, but the hatches in the roof can. The window at the rear can also be opened for extra ventilation. Just like the door with built-in waste bin, neatly equipped with a mosquito net and blackout.

You will also see quite a few hatches and connections that actually indicate that the Carpento has a full-fledged interior. There is a cupboard with two gas bottles for heating, hot water and the stove. A filler cap for clean water, connection for an outdoor shower, a plug to connect the electricity, drainage for the waste water tank and a hatch to remove the toilet cassette. Finished with black accents, it is a complete picture that looks nice and tasty.

carpento 310

The interior

The dowry of the Carpento is the interior and especially the layout. Everything is there, even though you wouldn't expect it in this compact size. The kitchen is placed at the rear. Its compactness is certainly not too bad. The sink is extra deep and equipped with a mixer tap. In addition, a 1-burner stove where a two-burner was actually planned, but that was not available for a while. The advantage of that single burner is its size, one that is almost a wok burner instead of two small ones where patience is a virtue. There is work space next to the hob, enough to accommodate a large cutting board. A cutlery drawer, lower and upper cabinets make it easy to store all your cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. A holiday chef can really enjoy himself here.

carpento 310

In addition to the kitchen, the compact Carpento houses a bathroom that would not look out of place in a tandem axle vehicle. A Thetford cassette toilet, sink with hand shower, medicine cabinet and a mirror. A shower tray is included in the floor and there is nothing to complain about headroom. A roof hatch with a fixed insect screen provides light and air. You can open and close the hatch with a rotary knob. At the push of a button a fan starts. We cannot discover anything missing here.

Adjacent is a deep wardrobe with a spacious 90L refrigerator with freezer underneath. The seating area is located at the front. You can also call it the ultimate lounge area because the panoramic windows really make it something special. You can also sleep here. Renovating the seating area for this purpose is a piece of cake. The table has no leg but a fixed support that is only used for the bed function. By releasing two latches, the table including an extension part drops down. Add the cushions and you're done. You sleep widthwise at a length of 190cm.

Some of the technology has been placed under the benches, but there is still a lot of storage space left. There is usually a loose flap on top, but in the Carpento this has been made accessible with a clever hinge on the side. You pull it open with a loop, after which the hatch also remains open on a spring. This makes it very easy to find or unpack something in it. The cupboards above the sitting/sleeping area and in the dresser offer even more storage space. This big little thing is also provided there, including a special space to place bottles without rattling.

carpento 310

The atmosphere inside is cozy and it smells nice. This is due to the use of waterproof plywood made from poplar wood. You have to search in vain for MDF or chipboard. Indirect LED mood lighting has also been installed almost everywhere. There is no shortage of sockets, USB chargers and a 12V connection. The walls and ceiling are padded with cuddly velor so that the polyester of the structure is nowhere visible. Another function of this is to prevent condensation. Finally, the floor has a PVC coating for easy cleaning.

carpento 310

Nothing to complain about at all? No actually not. There are a few flaws in the finish, but although the design is not new, this applies to this version with everything in it. After thorough market research, Moss Boten & Caravans, the importer, has chosen to put an extremely complete and super luxurious version of the three Carpentos in the showroom. The fact that there should be a cap on the screw head here and there or that a hinge could be better adjusted is not a serious criticism. The pricing is also correct. At €14.000 for the Carpento 310, it is not the cheapest compact caravan, but if you consider what you get for it and how it is laid out, the price/quality ratio is simply excellent.

carpento 310

Specifications Carpento 310

Weight: 540 kg
Construction length: 310 cm
Width: cm 195
Height: 235 cm
Headroom: 185 cm
Bed size: 190 x 130 cm

More information:

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Middeldijk 56 A 16
2992 SJ Barendrecht
+31 6 11 076 124

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