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Fendt Bianco Selection 495 SFE: Innovative cross beam

Fendt Bianco Selection 495 SFE: Innovative cross beam

For years, it was Hobby that led the sales statistics in caravans, with Fendt in its wake. The two have now switched places this year. And for the 2018 model year, Fendt is continuing to push ahead with all kinds of innovations. Also in the new Fendt Bianco Selection series.

For this caravan test we look at the Fendt Bianco Selection 495 SFE. What is immediately noticeable is the rear bumper of the new generation of Fendt caravans. It has been given even more streamlining for all model series. Stickers in carbon look also provide a sporty appearance and allow the caravan to lean even closer to automotive design. But there is even more news under the sun at Fendt…


Smart ideas from Fendt

A simple but ingenious change for all Fendt caravans is that the service hatches have been placed slightly higher. Inside, this ensures a more comfortable entry into the beds, but outside, those extra centimeters mean that the opened flaps can no longer touch the ground. And so stay neat and clean. Another novelty – with a major impact – is the new cap on the integrated water tank in the side wall: just like the fuel cap on cars, Fendt now has a cable between the caravan and the water cap, so you can never lose it again. Another proof that Fendt also goes out with the caravan itself is the nose wheel with integrated drawbar balance. That's just the way it is with caravans in this price range.


In terms of appearance, the off-white plating and gray accents give the Fendt its own face. The entrance door in the right side wall now has a window through which you can see visitors arriving and the same window can also be opened - in combination with all other windows and skylights, it provides even more ventilation options. The Bianco Selection is also equipped with aluminum wheels, which gives the caravan a sporty appearance. The polyester of the front is filled with foam, which provides strength and excellent insulation. What is striking are the robust handles, with which you can quickly get the caravan into place - although the majority of Fendt clients will already have a mover installed. Because the drawbar box moves straight up when opened, you have plenty of access to luggage and gas bottles. A special detail are the orange side marker lights that are recessed into the lower edge of the caravan.


Living, cooking and sleeping

Inside, the special layout is immediately noticeable. In the 495 SFE we are looking at, the kitchen is located transversely in the interior, immediately to the left after opening the entrance door. As a result, the kitchen unit serves as a 'divider' between the sleeping and living areas. You cook on the cast iron grid of the Dometic three-burner gas stove, which is integrated with the sink. A glass rear wall ensures that you can see through the entire caravan (sense of space!) and prevents splashes on the duvet behind the kitchen layout. There are three drawers available for pots, pans and food, plus plenty of upper cabinets.

Right opposite the entrance door is the Slim Line Tower from Dometic, with a capacity of no less than 140 liters. In addition, two large hanging cupboards have been installed for clothing. When we then turn to the sleeping area, we see that the foot of the French bed is not built directly against the kitchen - this makes it easy to make the bed. The right side of the caravan has been used for a washbasin and the toilet has been placed next to the head of the bed. We see an easy-to-clean bench toilet from Thetford and plenty of cupboard space for toiletries and towels.

Throughout the interior, wood-colored furniture is combined with light overhead cabinet flaps and doors – giving the Fendt a modern look. The seating area offers plenty of space for two people. Indirect lighting is available along the upper cabinets and reading spotlights have been placed above the two comfortable lounge positions in the corners.


The Fendt Bianco Selection 495 SFE has a chassis with a 1.700 kg axle and is equipped with the new self-adjusting AAA brakes from Al-Ko. Inside, a Truma Combi with integrated boiler provides heating and hot water. In terms of position, Fendt has chosen to place it in the left sofa - so the heating is directly where you need it most: in the living area; Thanks to short hoses from the ring heater, that place will be warm in no time. Water pipes, air hoses and electrical wiring are neatly concealed, as we have come to expect from Fendt.



Fendt introduced this layout with transverse kitchen as a promotional model, but sales were good, after which the 'SFE' was given a permanent place in the German manufacturer's portfolio. Rightly so, because the layout ensures a spacious kitchen layout and a smart separation between living and sleeping. Clever details – such as eight (!) sockets, smoke detector, drawbar scale in the nose wheel, etc. – show that the Fendt designers themselves also camp. In addition, the equipment and finish are of a high standard. Top caravan!


+ Layout with transverse kitchen
+ Smart details
+ Neat finish

– prefer a round seat

Technical information

Body length, with drawbar, inside: 587/722/520 cm
Width outside, inside: 232/210 cm
Height outside/inside: 263/195 cm
Bed dimensions rear (fixed): 141/131 x 210 cm
front (living area convertible): 140 x 200 cm

Curb weight: 1.379 kg
Total permissible: 1.700 kg
Load capacity: 321 kg

Price: € 21.990
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