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Knaus Yaseo

Knaus Yaseo

The Knaus Yaseo: a new generation of caravans for the electric age

With more and more electric (towing) cars on the road, the demand for a caravan that responds to this naturally arises. Knaus has an answer to that question with the Yaseo. A nice and light caravan with a favorable Cd value, which is therefore range-friendly for electric cars. Knaus will be showing both Yaseo models at the Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, a good opportunity to get acquainted with an ingenious interior, both in form and function.


knaus yaseo

Sustainability is another aspect that plays a major role in the Yaseo models. This first manifests itself in a gas-free design. The Yaseo is fully electric, all equipment works on 230 volts. Not only cooking on a double induction plate, the 150L refrigerator and the heating or cooling with a Dometic Freshwell 3000 bench air conditioner also work electrically. To provide power, the Yaseo can be connected to the campsite grid or to the tow car, provided it has a V2L connection. Handy when you are off grid. 

For the time being, Knaus will introduce the new Yaseo in two layouts, the 340PX and the 500DK. Both have an updated Knaus feline taillight design at the rear, which are now 25% smaller, weigh less and take up less space. Fully LED of course, for optimal visibility. The light weight, the Yaseo 500DK weighs 1150kg ready to drive, is due to the lightweight, multifunctional furniture and the lack of a gas installation. With the completely new design and the only 2.20 m wide structure, this reduces the surface area at the front by 14% compared to normal caravans. This ensures significantly less air resistance and, partly thanks to the light weight, a greater range of electric vehicles. The new design suits the Yaseo well. The fairly sharp lines seem to fit in well with, for example, the design of the Volkswagen ID models.


The Knaus Yaseo models also distinguish themselves with innovative layouts and smart solutions. The Yaseo 500DK has a spacious bed of 1.6 x 2.0m that can easily be folded out of the wall. There is storage space under this bed. Re-arranging is not necessary and when not in use, a face-to-face seating group is created. On the other side there is room for an extra lazy lounge or a play area for your children. It also forms the third fixed bed, which can be converted into a full-fledged double French bed of 1.30 by 2.0 m. 

Another example of how Knaus makes optimal use of the space in these caravans is the bathroom. This is located in the 500DK next to the lounge. As long as you do not need a shower, there is a usable closed toilet room with a cupboard, mirror and a sink. However, by removing a cushion from the lounge sofa, a piece of sofa slides away to make the bathroom twice as large, including a waterproof floor with a drain. The 500DK has 3 fixed sleeping places that can be expanded to 5 with the extension of the fixed single bed and an extra folding bed above the lounge.

The Yaseo also has a smart storage space for transporting bicycles or other outdoor items. With the bed folded up and some of the benches pushed aside, a garage is created that would not look out of place in a large camper. Made accessible with a door on both sides through which a bicycle can easily pass. 

Yaseo 340PX

The Yaseo 340 PX has the same innovative atmosphere, but with an internal length of 3.48m it is a more compact model with still all the options for a comfortable stay for two people. There is a kitchen at the front, the refrigerator in this model has a capacity of 96 liters. The wet room is located next to the kitchen. The space offers every comfort for a toilet. With a little improvisation you can also take a shower there because there is a floor with a drain.  However, there is no slide out, which makes it somewhat cramped to sing an aria extensively under a rain shower. 

At the back you will find a spacious seating area and optional extra storage space under the benches. Just like the 500DK, the 340PX has a bed of 1.60 by 2.0m that can easily be folded out of the wall. 

With the Yaseo models, Knaus is taking a foretaste of the near future. The moment when fossil fuel driving is ready and the limited range of an electric tow vehicle has to be taken into account is rapidly approaching. Aerodynamics and weight have suddenly become much more important. But a Yaseo also makes sense with a diesel or petrol car. Fuel is expensive, so what you can save with an efficient caravan is always a bonus.

Yaseo 340 PX

Berths: 2

Total construction length: 348 cm

Total exterior width: 220 cm

Total inner width: 204 cm

Outside height: 260 cm

Inner height: 196 cm

Curb weight: 905 kg

Price: from € 24.230,-

Yaseo 500DK

Sleeps: 3 – 5

Total construction length: 528 cm

Total exterior width: 220 cm

Total inner width: 204 cm

Outside height: 260 cm

Inner height: 196 cm

Curb weight: 1.150 kg

Price: from € 30.840,-

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