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LMC caravan tested: Bed paradise with chill zone

LMC caravan tested: Bed paradise with chill zone

The Vivo series from the German caravan manufacturer LMC has been around for a few years now, but a new layout is the 532 K, with a bed paradise and a gigantic round seat - the chill zone - for spoiled families.


We start with the construction method of LMC caravans. This is done according to the LLT system, where the abbreviation stands for Long Life Technology: insulation material is processed behind the smooth aluminum plate and high-quality plastic frames provide strength. You will not find wooden trusses and the manufacturer gives a 12-year warranty against water ingress. The roof is made of GRP, in good Dutch: polyester. This offers better protection against hail. New to this Vivo is the rear, with beautifully styled rear lights. The bumper has also been newly developed - we will soon see it again in the 2019 models of the German manufacturer.

LMC Vivo tested


What makes the 532 K special is its interior. As soon as you step inside, you'll see the two-tiered bunk bed for the kids. An integrated staircase leads to the top sleeping floor, which is of course equipped with failure protection. The bottom bed is foldable: so you can take children's bicycles with you and secure them in the caravan while traveling. You slide them in via the large service hatch at the head end.

Caravan on

In the middle we see a more than spacious round seating area - the chill zone - where you can effortlessly eat with six people. Opposite is the kitchen, with a three-burner gas stove and sink. The kitchen furniture is equipped with three spacious 'soft close' drawers for cooking utensils; they pull themselves closed the last bit. Next to the kitchen unit is the large refrigerator with freezer compartment and the toilet is placed between the round seating area and the sleeping area. At the front of the caravan - and that is quite special - there are two single beds with a length of no less than 2,05 and 2,10 meters, ideal for tall people. You can turn those single beds into a huge double bed with an optional connecting piece. Also pay attention to the new furniture colors and the upper cabinets, which are in 'bicolor'. It gives the Vivo a modern, contemporary look.

LMC Vivo testedTechnical installations

Pipes and cables are neatly concealed in the Vivo. The Truma Combi provides heating and hot water and the caravan is equipped with LMC Connect, which allows you, for example, to control lighting and the heater from your smartphone. Handy in winter, when you can turn the caravan heater up a degree in the restaurant. The Vivo is also packed with extras for which you would normally have to pay around 6.500 euros. But now it's all included as standard: such as a large panoramic roof hatch, waste water tank, level indicator for the fresh water tank, an outdoor connection for gas (handy for the barbecue), alloy wheels, a screen door and even an outdoor connection for the TV, so you can stay in the awning. watch your favorite TV show.


The LMC VIVO 532 K is a modern LMC caravan with plenty of living space, thanks to its interior dimensions and width of 2.52 meters, but also due to the ample light through the large panoramic window. The layout with long, single beds up to 2,10 meters is special - for tall people it was really a matter of looking for the needle in the haystack: LMC has it. And thanks to the extensive standard equipment, you only need an awning and perhaps a mover before you can take it on holiday.

Plus minus

+ modern look
+ extensive standard equipment
– loading capacity

Facts & Figures

Body length, with drawbar: 7.20/835 cm
Width: cm 252
Height: 257 cm
Headroom: 195 cm
Number of sleeping places: 4 (expandable to 6)
Bed dimensions for: 210/205×88 cm
round seat: 180×125 cm
bunk beds: 197×78 and 200×82 cm
Curb weight: 1.474 kg
Curb weight: 1.574 kg
Total permissible: 1.800 kg (expandable to 2.000 kg)
Load capacity: 226 kg
Price € 30.100

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