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LMC Style Comfort: including extras

LMC Style Comfort: including extras

Anyone who takes a closer look at LMC's Style caravan series has a lot to choose from. There are six different layouts. And then there is also the Style Lift, a pair with a fold-down bed. At the top of the series you will find a number of special LMC Style Comfort versions. From the 2022 season, there will be three layouts of this super comfortable version in the showroom.

In addition to 'LMC', the name 'Münsterland' also appears on the side of the caravan. LMC is the abbreviation of Lord Münsterland Caravan GmbH, which started building caravans more than 65 years ago. The first Münsterland was produced in the XNUMXs. The company is located in Sassenberg, where production also takes place.

With the introduction of the new Style Comfort 460 E, the 440 D and 450 D are available in three different layouts with an extra generously sized comfort package.


The 440 D has a spacious round seat at the rear that can be converted into a double bed. At the front is a French bed with an adjacent hanging cupboard. Next to the bed is the sanitary facilities with a sink, toilet and shower option. The caravan is 682cm long and weighs 1163kg ready to drive.


In the 450 D you will find a train seat in the back that can be turned into an extra bed. In the middle part is the kitchen and opposite the bathroom. A spacious queen bed at the front ensures easy access. The caravan is 735cm long and weighs 1185kg ready to drive.


The 460 E is slightly shorter than the 450. The type designation is therefore not completely logical. But the E stands for a set of single beds that can be made into one large playing field with a filler piece. Furthermore, the layout with a train seat is the same as in the 450 D. The caravan is 677cm long and weighs 1074kg ready to drive.

Comfort with many extras

The series lives up to the name Comfort. Because there are quite a few things that make life with these caravans much more pleasant. The roll-up water tank in the drawbar box, for example. Or the multifunctional outdoor connection for gas, 12 and 230 volts in addition to TV and satellite plugs. There is also a level indicator for the water tank and both the ring heating and the electric underfloor heating operate on 230 volts. The HEKI 2 roof hatch creates a light and airy interior. The corner supports are equipped with an extra large base plate so that they do not disappear into the grass or ground. The exterior door is also an example of how complete the Style Comfort models are. With a window, built-in waste bin and a screen door.

The exterior contributes to embellishing the Style Comfort with a set of aluminum rims or a drawbar cover that can win a Red Dot Award. The series can be recognized on the outside by the anthracite-colored sticker. For those looking for an extra comfortable LMC Style, these models are worth considering.

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