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Holiday in the Netherlands: tips on the Wadden Islands

Holiday in the Netherlands: tips on the Wadden Islands

The Wadden Islands are a special part of the Netherlands. The ultimate island feeling is not to be missed. From the open horizon to the beautiful extensive beaches. One feature that every holiday should have comes naturally on the Wadden Islands: total relaxation. The five islands all have their own unique magic. We give you some tips per island.

World Heritage

The Wadden Islands are not only known to the Dutch, but have been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2009. This among other natural wonders like it Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The Wadden Sea is unique

The Wadden Sea is a recognized biological ecosystem that can only be found on the Dutch-German-Danish North Sea coast. Ebb and flow alternate every six hours. This ensures that the landscape is continuously changing, creating a wealth of variety for the eye, but also for the plants and animal kingdom. The Wadden Sea offers a unique habitat for more than 10.000 plant and animal species. It also serves as an essential stopover for millions of birds during their migration.


Also called 'The High Mountain'

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski

The Netherlands would have looked very different without Texel. Looking back in history, glaciers left a solid foundation of boulder clay and boulders here during the Ice Age. This created an unshakable hill in the dynamic coastal landscape.

Ultimate spring feeling

There are as many sheep as people on Texel. In the spring this means tens of thousands of lambs running around in the meadows. Texel is often described as: 'The Netherlands in miniature', this is because the island has so much to offer: dunes, forests, heaths, beaches, mudflats, polders and meadows.

Tips for Texel

  1. Discover the Wadden Sea World Heritage in Ecomare.
  2. Visit the more than 30 kilometer long sandy beach of Texel. Wonderful for walking, kite flying, swimming, etc.
  3. For the real daredevil: Parachuting.
  4. Bring one visit to Cape Skil, the museum of beachcombers & sailors.
  5. Climb the lighthouse. From the lighthouse you have a beautiful view of the North Sea, the Wadden Sea, Vlieland and of course Texel.
  6. You can take a boat trip every day spotting seals. During a trip (of one hour) you will have enough time to capture the beautiful mammals on your camera and to enjoy the outdoors.


Photo by Henriette Valkema

An island that feels a bit far away from the Netherlands, but is still close. Vlieland is located between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, an hour and a half by boat from Harlingen. Vlieland offers beautiful sandy beaches that stretch over the entire length of the island. In addition, there are forests and great nature. To avoid disturbing the fauna, a new bird hide has been installed, so you can enjoy the multitude of different bird species.

Tips for Vlieland

  1. It reaches just behind the village Vuurboetsduin about 45 meters into the air. It is the second highest dune in the Netherlands! Definitely worth climbing.
  2. You can take beautiful walks through the woods behind this dune.
  3. The so-called Kroon's Polders are the pearls of Vlieland and absolutely worth a visit. Here you feel almost alone in nature.
  4. Are you a seal lover? Take a ride on the Vliehors Expres on the beach and try to spot these magical animals.
  5. Statement H12 – this is an old bunker that has been worked hard to remove from under the sand. You can get an interesting tour here.


Photo by Vincent van Zalinge

An island that offers atmosphere and plenty of space in all seasons. There are endless possibilities for discovery here. Eighty percent of the island consists of beautiful nature. Of these, the Boschplaat is an absolutely dazzling highlight. You will be welcomed from the boat by the 'Brandaris' lighthouse. This eye-catcher is already 400 years old and immediately puts you in the holiday spirit. In addition to beautiful nature, the island also has countless restaurants, cafes and bars and events are held throughout the year.

Tips for Terschelling

  1. Enjoy the view at the Whale.
  2. Food on the Sea in West Terschelling
  3. At low tide you can collect oysters and eat them at Lies.
  4. beautiful cycling route on Terschelling 
  5. Visit one of the many customised.


Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink

After a beautiful trip across the Wadden Sea, you arrive on Ameland. An island with four picturesque villages, each with its own history and culture, great nature and of course lots of sea and beach.

The small island is ideal for a walk, where you should not miss the sunset with a bite to eat. Every day we cook on the island with ingredients that are fresh off the hook or from our own soil.

Tips for Ameland

  1. Do one of many field trips on Ameland such as the (mini) mudflat excursion, the beach and shell excursion, forest and dune excursion, the duck decoy excursion and much more.
  2. Visit it nature center, one of the Amelander museums.
  3. For the real horse lover you can the film set of Penny's Shadow to look at. The film was filmed entirely on Ameland!
  4. There are plenty for the creative types workshops that you can attend.
  5. Last but not least, there is a lot you can do on Ameland activities doing. Walk on the sandy beach of Ameland or do a sporting activity such as beach camp or kite surfing.


Photo by Henriette Valkema

This may be the smallest Dutch Wadden Island, but it is great for its nature. The 'National Park' status therefore applies to the entire island. Also a fun fact about the island: it has the widest beach in Europe in terms of size. Schiermonnikoog is known for its unspoilt character and the love that Mother Nature has put into her.

Tips for Schiermonnikoog

  1. Do the cultural-historical excursion (or one of the other excursions), discover the island and learn the history of Schiermonnikoog.
  2. Pay a visit to it Bunker Museum and learn how this site served as a communications center during World War II.
  3. Visit one of the customised that are organized all year round on Schiermonnikoog.
  4. Take a walking tour and discover what the island and the village have to offer.
  5. Sail with the fast Rescue Boat and pass the sandbanks, the Wadden Sea and then sail towards the North Sea.


Except for Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland, you can take your car, caravan and camper to the other islands. These offer plenty of campsites where you can enjoy your holiday. You can of course always camp in a tent on the smaller islands or at one of the recreational parks that the island offers.

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