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You can create a personal account on With this account you manage your data and advertisements. This includes saving favorite advertisements, certain searches and any bids on a motorhome or caravan. Via your own account on it is possible to place, adjust and remove advertisements. Of course you can also update your data or change your password here.

Access to personal account
On, click at the top right 'Login'. If you do not yet have an account on, click here to create an account immediately. As soon as you are logged in, you can use all the facilities that your personal account offers you. You can also easily log out again.

My consists of the following parts:

  • How do I adjust my advertisement?
  • How do I view my responses?
  • How do I view my bids?
  • How do I delete my ad?
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An overview of all your favorite advertisements, including the option to quickly return to the saved advertisement in your personal account.

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You can save searches on Very easy for when you are looking for something, but have not found it yet. With this option you will receive an email when there are new ads that match your search query.

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Have you made an offer for a camper or caravan? Here you can find and delete the overview of your bids if desired.

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Here contains all personal (login) data, but also the possibility to adjust them. You can also adjust your contact preference here and unsubscribe from the newsletter.

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Only you can change your password for your personal account. Make sure your password does not fall into the hands of others.

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