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Malibu 440 QB: Winter-proof mid-range car

Malibu 440 QB: Winter-proof mid-range car

Malibu Campers are relatively new in the camper industry: five years ago, Carthago introduced the sister brand as an alternative to its own premium campers. Malibu started with bus campers, but now also has semi-integrated and integrated campers in its portfolio. With a modern interior and a lot of attention to light and a sense of space. We look at the 440 QB, with a 'queen bed'.

Exterior Malibu 440 QB

The Malibu is equipped with smooth aluminum with hard foam insulation material in between. You will not find wood in the 33 millimeter thick walls – just like big sister Carthago, the Maibu are also constructed using the most modern methods. The roof is made of polyester, which minimizes the risk of hail damage. The base plate also has a polyester layer on the underside, which therefore cannot become waterlogged due to splashing rainwater along the way and is also resistant to stone chips. The waterproofing warranty is 6 years, but you can upgrade it to 10 years.

The camper is based on a Fiat Ducato, with a low broad-track chassis. The motorization consists of the well-known 2.3 liter Euro-6 diesel engine. The car is equipped with ESP (stabilization), ASR (anti-slip) and a Hill Holder as standard. At the front we see modern bus mirrors that offer a good view to the rear. The camper is equipped with flush built-in windows and at the back we find the large garage in which a trick has been incorporated so that the bicycles fit effortlessly: on the right side the floor is slightly recessed for the front wheels of the bicycles and the queen bed - more about which later – you can lift it so that the bicycles fit effortlessly underneath. The garage can be loaded up to 250 kg.

Malibu Campers

Living, eating, sleeping

On the inside, the Malibu has a sleek and modern design - a big contrast to the Carthago's, which look more traditional. What is striking is the completely flat floor, without annoying steps: the car is equipped with a double floor, with most technical installations incorporated in the space between. The deep floor hatch directly at the entrance is very practical, with plenty of space for groceries and holiday luggage. With the cabin seats turned around, you have space in the seating area to have drinks with five people - the table can be adjusted in size. A second double bed is incorporated into the ceiling above the sitting area; so you can go on holiday with four people. The campers are equipped with plenty of indirect lighting and a number of reading spotlights; all windows have integrated mosquito screens and blackout. In the corner kitchen we see a three-burner gas stove and you have no fewer than six drawers at your disposal for cooking utensils.

Opposite the kitchen, right next to the entrance door, is the Dometic SlimTower fridge/freezer combination with a capacity of 146 liters. The bedroom is located at the back of the car, with a lockable sliding wall. Here we find the so-called 'queen bed': a centrally placed double bed, which you can walk around on both sides. On either side of the headboard are two spacious hanging cupboards for clothing. You can put the headboard in a high position during the day, making the entire bed slightly shorter: a smart find to create more walking space near the separate shower and toilet. There is a large drawer for clothing under the foot of the bed. The Mailibu is equipped with a spacious shower and the toilet room - with a mirror cabinet for toiletries - can be closed with a roller door.

Technical installations

The Malibu is equipped with a heated double bottom. This makes the camper suitable for winter sports: warm feet are guaranteed and because the water tanks are placed between the two floors, they will not freeze. Another advantage - we already wrote about it above - is the completely flat interior floor in the living area, without annoying steps. The two service hatches at the front of the camper are useful, making the double floor fully loadable, for example for skis. Heating and hot water come from the Truma Combi-6, cables and pipes are neatly and frost-free. The central electrical block is placed under the driver's seat.

Malibu Campers 440 QB


The Malibu I 440 QB is an interesting camper, which is clearly marketed at a lower price than 'big sister' Carthago. A good car in terms of quality, but you will immediately order some option packages upon purchase to improve the mediocre standard level. Downsides are the dimensions of the queen bed - the pull-down bed offers more space - and the small number of sockets. It is remarkable that the Malibu only has one USB connection: that is outdated. But you can solve that at your dealer for a few tens of euros.

Plus minus

+ Double bottom
+ Lots of storage space
– too few 230V and USB sockets
– simple basic equipment

Facts & Figures

Chassis: Fiat Ducato Light chassis
Engine: 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder Multijet
Maximum power kW/hp: 96kW/130hp at 3.600 rpm
Maximum torque: 320Nm at 1.500 rpm
Length: 699 cm
Width: cm 227
Height: 294 cm
Headroom: 198 cm
Wheelbase: 4.035 mm
Maximum mass: 3.500 kg
Curb weight: 2.990 kg
Load capacity: 510 kg
Number of seats/berths: 4/4
Folding bed front: 195 by 160 cm
Rear bed: 193 by 146 cm
(*seats with seat belts)
Price from: €90.172

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