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Tourne Mobil 6.4: overcomplete Slovenian

Tourne Mobil 6.4: overcomplete Slovenian

We have tested the Tourne Mobil 6.4 Heavy 165PK for you. Tourne bus campers are characterized by an attractive interior full of smart features, an appearance that can be seen and an over-complete standard delivery. 

Tourne Mobil is a relatively new Slovenian manufacturer of bus campers that offer more than the usual. That doesn't mean a shiny finishing edge on the cupboard doors or an extra wild sticker on the outside. The Tourne Mobil 6.4 Heavy 165PK Edition is a camper with single beds and, like the previously tested 6.0 Tourne, has a transverse bed. The camper is designed for comfortable camping in Scandinavian regions.


In addition, the bus camper was designed by a designer who has made his mark in the sailboat world. This is clearly visible on both the outside and inside of the Tourne Camper. With windows that fit flush into the body, black accents around the wheel arches and hatches in addition to a sleek wrap on both sides, the newcomer does not shout out that it is a camper. Instead, there is an attractive appearance in front of you where a case of “love at first sight” lurks. When you then take a look at the interior, the chance of this increases even further.

Tourne 6.4

Light and Airy

The interior is made of 11mm thin sheet material with poplar veneer. The table and worktop of the kitchen also have this low thickness, but are finished with an extra hard foil in the same color and grain. The core material is HPL, a heavily pressed plastic that, despite its low thickness, retains its shape and feels indestructible.

Tourne 6.4

The dinette is equipped with two well-profiled seats where passengers can last longer during the journey than is the case with the usual penalty bench. The back absorbs the forces in a bend with lumbar support and a filler piece under the seat completes the ergonomics. When you go out with 3 or 4 people, the dinette can be converted into a bed measuring 180 by 112 centimeters.

Tourne 6.4

The single beds in the back make sleeping lengthwise possible. The fixed middle part is striking. It jumps in slightly, you can rest yourself with a step stool. The middle section is a great place to sleep for a child. You can also create extra storage space here during your trip by folding up the bed base.

Kitchen and sanitary facilities

For culinary needs, the Tourne 600 has two gas burners and a sink in the kitchenette. You can fold up an extra piece of work surface on the side when you have something to cut. Two metal supports make it a sturdy worktop. Below that you can pull out a bench to create two additional seats. Together with the swivel pilot seats, you have a maximum of 6 seats around the table, which you can expand with a spacer when it gets busy. The base cabinets in the kitchen consist of drawers, the top ones of which have an extra drawer in them. More convenient than regular cupboards, when you open a drawer you immediately see what's inside and what you wanted to grab.

Tourne 6.4

For personal care, the Tourne has a spacious wet room with a fixed sink, shower and toilet that would not look out of place in a semi-integrated car of one meter longer. The space can be closed off with a roller door. Not one of those plastic cases, but made of high-gloss aluminum profiles, which are not only more attractive and more solid, but also easier to clean. The combination cassettes for the windows are of the same cloth. No plastic housing but metal, so this more luxurious version is not the first thing to break.

Tourne 6.4


Manoeuvrable, compact and usable all year round are the best features of a bus camper. With the extra insulation of 32 millimeters of armaflex in the roof and walls and the 30 millimeters of styrofoam in the floor, this usability is well covered. This not only keeps out the cold, but also the heat. The standard Webasto Airtop 4 kW diesel heating is concealed under the floor at the rear. This blows warm air in through five openings. You get hot water through the boiler. Electric underfloor heating is also standard. The tanks are insulated and heated, meaning the bus camper passes the DIN 1646 winter hardiness test with flying colors.

On the road

Driving the Tourne 600 is a joy, but that of course applies to other bus campers on a similar basis. What is striking is the difference between the more commonly used Fiat Ducato and the 2.2L diesel from PSA or Stellantis. The latter has an AdBlue facility and seems to run a little calmer, quieter and actually a bit nicer. But that could of course also be due to the generous 163 hp that this version of the Tourne 600 has. Cruise control, fog lights. Air conditioning, Kenwood radio with navigation on the starter or household battery, tow bar, horizontal pleated blackout for the windows, it's all included as standard. With a heavy chassis, the bus has a loading capacity of 643kg, which means that the Tourne 600 does not always have to carry the maximum weight. You can also tow a trailer of 3 tons with this chassis.

Tourne 6.4 from Naarden is the dealer-importer for the Netherlands. As a specialist in van campers from VW, the illustrious California, there is a clear preference for campers that, in addition to being comfortable, also look beautiful. Tourne Mobil fits in perfectly with this. It is a new brand for this company, which offers VW California customers the opportunity to grow into a camper that offers more comfort and still has an appearance that will also appeal to a younger audience. The price of all this beauty is in line with direct competitors, but you do get more camper for it. The version with 165 hp has a price of € 84.770. If 140 hp is sufficient, you will spend € 1.667 less.

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