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The Dashaway e-caravan

The Dashaway e-caravan

The Wheelhome Dashaway is one of the first caravans specifically designed for electric cars. In addition, this caravan is also suitable for non-electric small cars, both old and new, with a towing capacity of 750 kg or more!


The Wheelhome Dashaway photo:
The Wheelhome Dashaway photo:

The Dashaway is therefore specially designed to meet all the challenges and requirements of the latest vehicles. This caravan is therefore designed to be useful not only in the present time but also in the future. “It is designed to be towed by virtually any car with a particular emphasis on future electric vehicles,” a review from the Camping and Caravanning Club indicated.

The innovative Dashaway has a very well thought-out design. This makes it very easy to take bicycles with you. The Dashaway can transport two bicycles along its sides, including electric bicycles. This is not only an economical way to transport them, but also low to the ground, stable and very easy to load. The weight distribution is not affected because the weight is directly above the axle.

To make this possible they have created a very streamlined design. The caravan is extremely compact, so compact that it fits everywhere. So there are no width restrictions, if the car fits through, then so does the Dashaway. The caravan is so compact that it gives the impression of an estate bin. According to a review by Camping and Caravanning Club, the Dashaway is extremely stable, which means it places few demands on the tow car. Small cars, hybrid cars or fully electric cars, there are many options available.


Layout of the Wheelhome Dashaway

Not only the exterior but also the interior has been well thought out. It contains a cozy double bed that is formed with just three pillows. In a few seconds the bed can be converted into a lounge sofa or even a single bed. Which of course provides extra legroom. The refrigerator is mounted in a so-called 'slide out', which you can easily pull out of the wall. The small compact kitchen is located at the front of the caravan. The cooking equipment is electric (induction). So there are no gas bottles on board, which means more space!

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