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Abroad? Choose the right window stickers

Abroad? Choose the right window stickers

Are you going on holiday to France, Switzerland or Germany this summer? Or do you travel through these countries? Then remember that you use the correct window stickers (vignettes). For example, in France you need environmental stickers, in Switzerland you need a motorway vignette and for Germany you can get a Tempo 100 exemption.

Window stickers France

This year, France is further tightening the measures surrounding the French environmental sticker. Are you going to a French city or campsite again this summer? Don't forget to check whether your car or camper has the correct window stickers.

Not everyone is aware that all French cities and departments can establish an environmental zone. In these low or temporary emission zones, your vehicle must be provided with a special France Environmental Sticker (also called Crit'Air or ecovignette). Many German cities also have such environmental zones. A green environmental sticker is mandatory there (Umweltplakette).

Are you going to travel to or through France?

Even stricter environmental policy

As of June 1, 2021, French environmental regulations will become even stricter than they already were. The number of regions that only allow certain categories of cars in case of serious air pollution will be doubled as of that date. This tightening was actually supposed to take effect on January 1, 2021, but due to corona it has been postponed by six months. The measures will probably become stricter again from 1 June 2022: more areas and only cars with Crit'Air sticker 1 and 2 will be allowed in.

More changes in France

In addition to the stricter environmental regulations, there is another important rule to take into account for campers with a camper of more than 3,5 tons; Blind spot stickers have been mandatory in France since January 1, 2021. Blind spot stickers warn cyclists, pedestrians and vulnerable road users about the blind spots; places around the vehicle that the driver does not see. The colored stickers are 25 cm high and 17 cm wide with the text: 'Attention – Angles Morts'.

Three blind spot stickers per vehicle

Three stickers must be placed per vehicle, at a height between 90 and 150 centimeters above the ground: one sticker on the back and right of the center and the other two on both sides within 1 meter from the front of the vehicle. is one of the few online stores in the Netherlands to offer three different solutions: Blind spot stickers as a permanent sticker, the blind spot sticker designed as a magnet and a variant with suction cups. The advantage of the last two is that once you have left France, you can remove the warning stickers from the vehicle and reuse them on your next trip.


Collect Switzerland vignette

Are you going on holiday to Switzerland or traveling through it? For both tourist and business traffic, it is mandatory to have an autobahn vignette on Swiss motorways. The availability and delivery time of the road vignettes is disappointing at many (online) stores. has a large stock of vignettes and has a collection desk in Abcoude where you can pay by card.

Germany: Tempo 100 exemption

In Germany, the maximum speed for a car-caravan combination is 80 km/h, unless you have a tempo 100 exemption. If this has been issued for the trailer and the entire combination meets the requirements, you may drive 100 km/h with that combination.

You can obtain the Tempo 100 exemption after an inspection by, for example, TUV NORD. The combination must meet a number of requirements. After approval, you will receive the Tempo 100 sticker. You then stick this on your caravan, trailer or trailer tent. The exemption only applies to German motorways and is not valid in other European countries.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about vignettes and window stickers? Go to In addition to a handy ordering aid for obtaining the correct environmental stickers for France and Germany or the Swiss toll vignette, this website offers numerous accessories that come in handy during your travel and stay abroad. You can also apply for the Tempo 100 exemption. You can also contact them for information about placement and legislation regarding blind spot stickers.

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